About & Contact

about & contact

Ang Hui Qing


Bird enthusiast.

Multi-disciplinary artist.

Always up for new and exciting challenges.


Hey there! My name is Hui Qing, pronounced "Hwei Ching" (Ang is my family name). I'm a highly flexible artist with  experience in production studio and freelancing, from live TV and animation to publications. I live for good stories and am fascinated in how they are mirrors to our reality. I see the relatable in the fantastical and the fantastical in the mundane.

If you've got an enquiry or just want to say hi feel free to drop an e-mail at anghuiqing @yahoo.co.uk.


Previous work experience:
Concept artist at Animamundi Studio

Art director at Animamundi Studio


Clients include:

Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust

University of the West of England

Five-A Two LCC